Monday, November 23, 2009


Hello Internet....

SO it is Monday and I am at work thinking HMMMM there has to be a greater purpose for me to be here then to just copy and paste from one doc to the next......

I have been doing the Unravelling class you can find the link to sign up for the class at Ink on my fingers.

It has been a great look into myself. I have figured out that I am not all that happy with my work life. Home life is alright Husband is great...Daughter is a teen what can you do???...Anyway in going though her class I am more aware of what is around me. In going through photo and writing assignments I have had to look inside myself to see what is acctually there. I has been quite a journey tt will continue for a long time as I have just scrached the surface of my unravelling.

Have a great monday everyone.