Monday, April 18, 2011


Good morning Internet,

This weekend was a busy one....Cake...Cookies....Cake...Cookies...with a smattering of Mickey Mouse in there...

My daugher was asked to bake a cake for a Girl Guide event so we started the process on Thursday night with baking the cake.  Then Friday the fun started.  Yetikid started the decorating with the last bit of cake was put in the oven to bake.  We had lots of fun hanging out with both Izzy and Yetikid.  Our efforts were well received. I was sooo very proud of her.  There were things that we will have to change for the next time she does a cake like this but all in all it was awesome.  You can see for yourself the pictures below.

We sold cookies at Canadian Tire with our Pathfinder group this weekend.  It was crazy cold and snowy.  We were all in winter parkas and long johns cause it was so cold were we were.  We are outside in front of the building and there is no sun only shade so it feels about 10 degrees colder then it acctually is outside.  But even with the cold we did not to bad we sold 31 cases which is just able 3/4s of our cookies we need to sell.

House Update
Our house that we are having built is moving along pretty well.  My husband and a few of our friends were there this weekend doing the low voltage wireing.  They managed to get it done in 2 days. According to my husband that is only step one of a 7 (I think) step process.  The rest of the house is ready for insulation so that should be going in soon.. Man do things ever feel like they are going crazy fast. 

Well all have a Great day