Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How was your weekend?

Hello Internet,

Hope you are fairing well.  Did you have a great weekend.  I did we had Girl Guide Camp with our 1st year Pathfinders.  They are a great group.  We taught the girls how to do a sling (tye dyed with Sharpie Markers) and how to stabilize a break with branches and pieces of material. In the evening we did some fire lighting the girls had to cook their own hot dogs on the grill.  All in all it was a great camp.

So yesterday I signed up for the My Details class.  It is a scrapbooking class to help you document your details.  If you would like more info about it go here. It looks like it is going to be an interesting class.

Anyway after signing up I went to my profile to update it and guess what!! it asked for a picture of me, if I wanted to provide, well of course being me (an introvert) I thought no way do I want to put my picture up for others to see.  But then I thought why not I am trying to step out of my comfort zone.  So I went looking for a picture of me. I'm sure I am not the only one in this situation but I couldn't find very many of me only of my family and food.  I found one that was taken 4 months ago and then before that the most recent was about a year ago.  I think I may need to change that.  How are people going to know I was somewhere if I am not in any of the pictures.  Anyway I ramble on if you have this problem or if you have had in the past what have you done to ensure that you make an effort to include your self in pictures along the way.

Talk to you later....

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hello Internet...How are you...?

I think I am finally ready to use this space more regular but we will see i always think I will but one never knows what will go on to either keep you sharing or wanting to crawl into a closet and stay there for a little while.

Today I would like to share with you a project that my cousin and I are doing together.  She had an old smash book that she has not ever used so we have decided to make it into our traveling Journal. She lives about 2 hours away from me so we don't always get to see each other. This is a way for us to stay connected.  I always look forward to receiving happy mail.  We do not have any rules other you can only do one or two page spread and to have fun with it.

Below are a couple of pictures of what we have done so far.

Sunny's creation
Gogo's Creation
Gogo's Creation
Gogo's Creation

Sunny's Creation
Sunny's Creation
Sunny's Creation

I hope that you have enjoyed our progress so far.  if you like it please leave a comment below.  Next week I will share with you some of the work I have been doing on my project life. 

Have a wonderful week internet.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hello Internet...

It has been a really long time... Hope this post finds you all well. Been a lot going on around here. I signed up to do the 30 Days of lists agian so I figured I would come back here so I can post my list journey. Some time this weekend I will post the journal I will be using for my lists. I have signed up for this project 4 times. The first time my heart was not iit I only did 4 or 5 of the lists. The second time I got a bit better I did probably 10 or the list. THe third time I don't think I did any of them it was just a crazy time in life just could seem to get to them. But the last time I did all but 2 of the lists. I decided to take this a bit different for myself. I decorated my pages and got them ready to be listed on. Once or twice a week I would do a couple of the list that had come out. It worked well for me...below is a couple of examples of what I had done.
This time I hope to complete the whole 30 lists but we will see where life is when we start out. Have a great day internet...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dec Daily Day 7-10

Hello Internet...Here are my pics for Days 7-10

Day 7 - Was bookclub night we watched "One for the Money" as it was one of our books for book club. this is what the girls did while we watched the movie.

Dec 8 - I was with my fellow District Commissioners volunteering at the Hope Mission helping out with food prep and handing out food.  Was a great day...

Day 9 - brought us making cookies galore...we made soo many i was unable to get pictures as I was way too busy...but they are yummy...

Day 10 - Came home from my District meeting and watch 2 Broke Girls with cats hanging out on our laps... Man do I ever love that show...

Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dec Daily

Hello Internet,

I have been doing the Dec Daily project of sorts...I am taking a picture most days...to document my Dec and will scrapbook it when I have the time.  I am doing good so far I have pic (mostly using my phone for it) for all days but one.  Below are my pictures from Dec 2, 4, 5, and 6.

Dec 1 - I have on my DSLR as we went to a Santa Claus Parade here in our city I will post those pics at a later date. 
Dec 2 - My mom and I bought these kits from our local scrapbook store last year and decided that it was time to get them finished.

Dec 3 - I missed taking a picture that day
Dec 4 - My husband had been sick with the stomch flu for the last couple of days so he wanted to go to Harveys cause that is his comfort food

Dec 5 - We had a bit of a snowy morning there was snow fall warnings out saying we would get from 10 - 15 cm of snow.  It came down quickly and mad is so that we couldn't see much of anything. As you can see in the picture it was a blanket of snow.  Behind all of that snow is our parlement building...

Dec 6 - My Husband is the best on the planet. He works from home so he does the laundry during the day while I am at work the only problem with it is when we get behind and there is soooo much on our bed to fold as he will not do that part.  So my picture for the 6th is of everday life Laundry...

Have a wonderful weekend..I will have some more pics for you next week...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Hello Internet...

Here is wishing you all an AWESOME Halloween filled with fun and smiling faces...and lots of candy....

Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Friday....Woot woot

Hello everyone out there in the cyber space...

The weekend is finally here...I am looking forward to the couple of days of fun with friends and family.  Going to a Panty party for my cousin's stagette...should be interesting...

I signed up for a Project Life Class I figured that since I am having a hard time starting my book that I would take the class that will give me ideas of what I can do...I am quite excited to give it a whril as I have been talking/thinking about doing Project Life for 2 years now.

If you are interest the link is below:

To you all I wish you a great weekend and always remember to be AWESOME!!!