Friday, December 7, 2012

Dec Daily

Hello Internet,

I have been doing the Dec Daily project of sorts...I am taking a picture most document my Dec and will scrapbook it when I have the time.  I am doing good so far I have pic (mostly using my phone for it) for all days but one.  Below are my pictures from Dec 2, 4, 5, and 6.

Dec 1 - I have on my DSLR as we went to a Santa Claus Parade here in our city I will post those pics at a later date. 
Dec 2 - My mom and I bought these kits from our local scrapbook store last year and decided that it was time to get them finished.

Dec 3 - I missed taking a picture that day
Dec 4 - My husband had been sick with the stomch flu for the last couple of days so he wanted to go to Harveys cause that is his comfort food

Dec 5 - We had a bit of a snowy morning there was snow fall warnings out saying we would get from 10 - 15 cm of snow.  It came down quickly and mad is so that we couldn't see much of anything. As you can see in the picture it was a blanket of snow.  Behind all of that snow is our parlement building...

Dec 6 - My Husband is the best on the planet. He works from home so he does the laundry during the day while I am at work the only problem with it is when we get behind and there is soooo much on our bed to fold as he will not do that part.  So my picture for the 6th is of everday life Laundry...

Have a wonderful weekend..I will have some more pics for you next week...

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