Friday, September 17, 2010


Good morning Internet,

Hope all is well with everyone out there.  Today I decided I just wanted to ramble.  My daughter is turning 18 in about a week and holy moly does it ever make me feel like I am getting old.  I know I am not old at all but some days if feels like it.  Other times I wish I could go out to the bar with her.  I love to dance (not much for drinking a couple of bear through the night is all I need) but for me to go to the bar with her I would be cramping her style.  You know how kids are....LOL

My mom and I are going out to our cabin tomorrow morning for the night we need to pack some things up before the winter frezz comes in and recks everything.  The mess we would have to clean up if all our pop cans or beer bottles burst because they froze.  You see we don't have central heating in our cabin only a wood stove.  It works really well when we are their to stooke it but doesn't work very well if it is not getting any wood.

I have started my photography class.  I feel a little over my head and scared that I will not do as well as the people in my class. I am going to plug along with it becuse I need to face the fear....At least that is what I keep telling myself. 

Have a great weekend Internet

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