Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Storage Wars and other random thoughts

Hello internet...

I am sitting here watching the Storage Wars.  It's a crazy show were people bid on storage units that have been abandoned with the contents left in.  Some times the stuff that is left behind is crazy.  Cars, pictures all sorts of things..if you have the chance to watch it give it a try.

I am working on an embrodiry project for my daughters room.  It is silver pillowcases with disco balls on them I am about half way through the first one and really enjoying having a project to do again. 

I very excited to start the 30 days of list projects.  I am going to make my book for it this weekend. I am thinking that I will use binder rings and card stock and different coloured pages...I am hoping to have some pics of my work this weekend. 

I leave you with a shot of my Granddaughter....Have a great weekend everyone out there.....

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