Friday, January 15, 2010


Hello All...

I will start by saying that I am behind already with the 365 project I have pics for Monday and for Wed but did not get any for Tuesday or Thursday. I am not going to worry about it just try harder to bring my camara everywhere I go that way I will hopefully not forget that I need to take the pics. I will post the ones I have sometime tonight.

I started Snowboarding on Wed. Oh man is it hard and it scares the Hell out of me. So needless to say when the instrutor brought us up the hill I looked down and said you want me to do what????? I was shaking in my boots thinking what if I loose control and run into all the little kids...I could really hurt someone. I have to say that my instructor was a very pacient soul. He just encouraged me along and said you can do it. SO...down the hill I went very slowly with him in front of me for the sucurity. I made it down with out falling...Yahoo I thought...Then I look up the hill and think why was I soo scard. It was hard being the first time and all but why am I so scard. I think that as we get older we think of all the things that could go wrong and forget to have fun. I am not saying that I am still not shaking in my booties on that top of that hill but I don't what that to stop me from doing it. I have made a packed with myself that I will make it to the bottem of that hill without needing the instructor in front of me by the end of the 5wk lesson and maybe someday I will be able to concure the bunny runs in the mountians.


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